Computer Upgrades & Repairs

I offer Windows PC Upgrades and Repairs, whether you have a desktop PC, tower PC or laptop. The great thing about PCs is the ability to upgrade the computer to keep up with the evolution of technology that never stops. Every one to two years faster CPUs, motherboards, memory and storage is being offered.

I am constantly kepping up with the Comptia A+ standards and skills which are also evolving with the changes in the technologies. I can upgrade and repair both software and hardware. I can also scan for viruses and other malware. Ask me about networking topics as well, including security concepts and the dark web. I'll help you protect your privacy and become anonymous on the internet so that even the FBI cannot track what you are doing.

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Responsive & Mobile Ready

Web Design and Development

I combine web and software development skills with creativity and design skills to create a custom website to help you share your ideas with the world.

Responsive Web Designs work automatically on a variety of devices from large screen 4K monitors to laptops, tablets and smartphones.

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dynamic web sites

Content Management Systems

Dynamic Content keeps people coming back to read what's new.
Whether you are writing a book, sharing a podcast, displaying company news or blogging, Content Management Systems like Drupal and Wordpress will meet almost any need and any individual's needs or the needs of an organization. I can host, publish, and design a custom website using these popular Content Management Systems.

To use a Content Management System you need web hosting, you need a custom design for the site, the ability to administer the content and the technical skills to customize the system to meet a range of needs for publishing on the modern web. That is where I come into the picture. I can help with any phase of the development and design process.

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